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Microsoft Excel file recovery is software that helps you to recover the deleted excel files. There are various ways to recover the deleted or lost files, but Microsoft Excel file recovery is the best way to recover the files.

Microsoft Excel File Recovery
Microsoft Excel File Recovery

Given below are the various methods that you can use to restore the files.

If you encounter corrupted workbook that Excel can't repair, move the corrupted file to another folder, drive, or server.
If you can't repair the workbook, try opening it in WordPad or Word.
If Excel can't open the corrupted workbook, try to restore it with Microsoft Office Tools
Microsoft Excel is the component of Microsoft Office. It is an electronic spreadsheet that is used to display and operate numerical data and is used by various companies and home users. Excel file allows you to keep data in tabular form. The rectangular intersection between the rows and columns is called a cell and it is the basic unit for storing data.

Even you take back up for your important file in; there is a chance of the data loss and corruption. Now let us know about the reasons for data deletion.

  • Improper shut down of the system
  • The abrupt closure of Microsoft Excel
  • Large excel sheet may also lead to corruption in the file
  • Crash in software
  • A mechanical fault in the device
  • Accidental deletion
  • Emergency formatting
  • Features of Microsoft Excel file recovery

You can restore various things such as user-defined charts, formatting of the charts, condition formatting rules, properties of worksheet, numbers, texts, shared formulas, and rules.
The recovery tool help you to repair a batch of files simultaneously in a single attempt
The software can fix your corrupt files on multiple Windows platforms.The tool gives you the convenience of previewing the repaired file.

In addition, you can search folder to list down only the Excel files present within a folder.
It recovers files without modification
If you want to to use Microsoft Excel file recovery, you can download t from our site. It is very easy to use this recovery tool as it has interactive user interface. It recovers data in very few minutes. We are also providing you with the trial version so that before using the full version, you are satisfied with its work. So download now and avail the utilities of Microsoft Excel file recovery regarding the corruption of the files.
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MS PowerPoint - How to Fix and Recover Corrupt PowerPoint Files?

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the advanced tools for developing presentation files. A PowerPoint presentation has several pages or slides that contain many file objects like sound, graphics, movies, text, and others. Effective use of these file objects gives an appealing and attractive look to the presentation. It is very easy to customize the PowerPoint presentations with an organizational chart or company logo. One can represent the presentation in a web page for promotional display or an e-mailing purpose. All in all, it is a 'one-stop-shop to create a meaningful and attractive presentation for the classroom, personal use or for the business world.

MS PowerPoint - How to Fix
MS PowerPoint - How to Fix

It basically uses Three type of file extension to save a presentation:
  • PPT - PPT or PowerPoint Standard Presentation, which was used in PowerPoint 1995 to PowerPoint 2003 versions for Windows and PowerPoint 1998 to PowerPoint 2004 versions for Mac.
  • PPTM - PPTM or PowerPoint XML Macro-Enabled presentations has embedded macros. ZIP compression and XML architecture combine to form PPTM of reduced size.
  • PPTX - PPTX is a new format representing PowerPoint XML Standard Presentation. It opens in the MS Office versions of 2007 and beyond
A good PPT requires pain-staking efforts and consumes a lot of time. In some situations, the PPT presentations cannot be opened and unexpectedly crashes. This phenomenon gives nightmare to the users who depend on it for completion of presentations that are work-related. There are endless reasons for the abrupt behavior shown by PowerPoint application. Some of them include power fluctuation, virus infection, unexpected shutdown of system, operating system crash, etc. File corruption makes the PPT presentation inaccessible and all the data and valuable information stored in a file are lost.

However, there are some steps by which the user can fix and restore their valuable PPT file.

Open presentation in a blank PPT file:

Open a blank PowerPoint presentation and through 'Insert' tab, add the slides from corrupt PPT Presentation.
Use 'Restore previous version' option of Windows Vista and Windows 7:
To reach for this option, navigate the Windows Explorer and right-click the file.
Use Safe Mode

Click Start, click Run and type C: Program Files Microsoft OfficeOffice10Powerpnt.exe" /safe in the Open box
Insert appropriate PPT version.
Try opening Windows in Safe Mode

Click Start, click Shut Down and choose Restart
When the computer restarts press 'F' function key to restart it in a Safe Mode.
Open PowerPoint presentation
These techniques are likely to work, if you didn't find any luck, you might want to think about a third-party recovery tool.

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Microsoft Word Setup Support by Office Setup Word

Microsoft Word is a word processing package that can be purchased on its own or as part of the widely known and renowned Microsoft Office suite. For many individuals and businesses, there is a need for a word processing application which is universally accepted by others and which can be read on any computer, laptop or other devices. Word is this application. It is used by billions around the world and is the leading piece of word processing software. Versions are Available for PC and Mac and it is the top choice in all areas of content processing, writing and document creation on and offline using a computer.

Microsoft Word Setup

It is normally just referred to as Word is the most sophisticated and effective method of word processing that we have to date. It is an application that has huge potential and countless uses within the context of text documents. There are also many templates that can be used with Word to make it even easier to create all sorts of private and Business documents.

It also includes excellent tools and facilities which enable the user to change fonts, sizes, and design of their documents, simple graphic design tools, importing tools to merge statistical reports from spreadsheets and reports and also it has a comprehensive thesaurus and spell check. All these features and tools combine to make Word an extremely powerful and versatile piece of software and this is one of the main reasons it has achieved such worldwide popularity and widespread global use. Word is the standard by which everyone works and as a result, any business will need to use Word in order to communicate effectively with any other contact in their network. Everyone can read a document and that is the beauty of it. It is the standard, almost like a pen and paper are offline, Word is essential online.

Using this application, you can format your documents in any way you choose. You can also create your own business or association templates. Posters, business cards, accounts, invoices, letters and more, are all easily made and simply personalized thanks to the amazing features provided on Word.

Get Online Microsoft Outlook Help and Support from Office Setup Word

Though there are many tech support companies offering Microsoft outlook support to their customers, not all of them are good enough to resolve all the issues that occur in outlook. Some of them don't have sufficient resources that can provide optimum outlook support and others don't match the budgetary constraints of the customers. This was one issue I was facing with all the tech support companies I was coming in contact with.

Microsoft Outlook Support by Office Setup Word
Microsoft Outlook Support by Office Setup Word

Office Setup Word is done through outlook. Recently, due to some reasons, she couldn't go to the office and had to continue my office work from home itself. But unfortunately, my outlook 2007 encountered some technical issue and was unable to send/ receive emails. she tried lots of options: uninstalled and then re-installed outlook, configured it again, tried all methods I was aware of, but all in vain.

The next option was to take help from Office Setup Word who deal in Microsoft products and offered support for Microsoft outlook 2007. she found some, but some were out of my budget. The others didn't impress me. However, just to take a chance, she tried one, but as expected, could not find an absolute solution for my outlook e-mail problems. After some days, one of her colleagues came to visit me and on listening to her problem, suggested her to try OFFICE SETUP WORD. On his suggestion, she visited their website and looked for their Microsoft outlook help and support page. The services office setup word were offering for outlook were of my interest and even the service charges were affordable enough.