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Microsoft Power Point Help

One of the benefits of using Microsoft PowerPoint is that the software program often comes built in with templates for different uses in order to assist users in the efforts of creating effective presentation slides without having to fully customise them.
A common and important tool used in almost all businesses is Microsoft PowerPoint. This application is primarily used for making presentations on subjects of several kinds. These can be related to future business growth, targets and actual achievements, new policies,

induction and orientation etc.

 entire business world Presentation is the heart and soul . A nice presentation makes up for less-than-satisfactory work and makes good work look even more impressive.

Microsoft PowerPoint ia a part of Microsoft Office suite that is widely used to create Slide shows (Text, Images or Audios). Unlike any other file, MS PowerPoint is prone to severe corruption. This article gives you insight on how a PPT gets corrupt and what are the varied recovery ways.

 response direct  to the popular free Google Apps service Microsoft has discretely launched the beta version of its own free online suite of office programs called "Office Web Apps". This offers users free online versions of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint & OneNote.

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most amazing tool through which you can express your ideas and thoughts in a very concise and attractive way.

officesetup creating a good Microsoft PowerPoint presentation is the bane of your professional life, you'd do well by following the following tips in how to produce a presentation 

Benefits of Office 365 Every User Must Know

Microsoft Office 365 is designed as packed software with a lot of solutions as well as subscription plans. It provides software products and also various other connected services to the customer. It has 2 versions, consumer version, and also a business version. The consumer version has many features like high storage space on OneDrive, Microsoft Office apps and also the plan gives 60 Skype minutes on a monthly basis. While, the business version consists of hosted versions of social networking, Skype for business server, Office online, SharePoint and Exchange server.

Moving to office 365 Cloud, this includes numerous features as well as benefits. Here is the checklist of benefits given by office 365 to its customers. If you wish to understand even more about the product, then you can get in touch with our Office365 support number UK, and we will certainly assist you through the installation procedure also.

1. It works flawlessly with the software's and programs which you are using already which includes, Outlook, Excel, Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, and so on. The tools will operate in the same manner as they were previously moreover office 365 will undoubtedly enhance them. With Microsoft Office 365 you will be able to see if others are editing and enhancing the document you are making use of, you can synchronize your documents to your desktop and can broadcast PowerPointpresentations.

2. Accessing your important documents from any part of the world is a significant advantage. 
Microsoft Office 365 give its users the web-enabled access to emails, documents, contacts, as well as calendar. You can access them through any device, like PCs, Laptops, Smart Phones, etc. It gives you a liberty to work where and when you choose, and it lets you respond to your crucial requests from any location at any time.

3. It lets you share huge email files which are hard to share both inside and outside the organization by simply creating a password-protected portal. It gives you a single location to find the latest documents and files. Moreover, you can send instant messages to your colleagues and customers to invite them to online meetings.

4. You can improve your office experience with office 365 with functions like, a 50GB mailbox which helps you with attachments as much as 25GB; you can calendar your contacts, can carry out online meetings, instantaneous messaging as well as a whole lot more.

5. It is very straightforward and easy application to utilize. You do not need to find out new things with it or set up complex software's. You can produce a trial account in extremely much less time and can see exactly how it helps your business to gain efficiency.

Contact our Microsoft Office SetupWord Consultants at 044-800-041-8437 for online support or via email at Irrespective of whether it is a product issue with your records or the problems recognized with Microsoft items, you can find a solution for your queries by conversing with our certified Microsoft specialists. We aim to give quality based technical support and administrations to the clients, to distinguish and resolve all their issues.

MS PowerPoint - How to Fix and Recover Corrupt PowerPoint Files?

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the advanced tools for developing presentation files. A PowerPoint presentation has several pages or slides that contain many file objects like sound, graphics, movies, text, and others. Effective use of these file objects gives an appealing and attractive look to the presentation. It is very easy to customize the PowerPoint presentations with an organizational chart or company logo. One can represent the presentation in a web page for promotional display or an e-mailing purpose. All in all, it is a 'one-stop-shop to create a meaningful and attractive presentation for the classroom, personal use or for the business world.

MS PowerPoint - How to Fix
MS PowerPoint - How to Fix

It basically uses Three type of file extension to save a presentation:
  • PPT - PPT or PowerPoint Standard Presentation, which was used in PowerPoint 1995 to PowerPoint 2003 versions for Windows and PowerPoint 1998 to PowerPoint 2004 versions for Mac.
  • PPTM - PPTM or PowerPoint XML Macro-Enabled presentations has embedded macros. ZIP compression and XML architecture combine to form PPTM of reduced size.
  • PPTX - PPTX is a new format representing PowerPoint XML Standard Presentation. It opens in the MS Office versions of 2007 and beyond
A good PPT requires pain-staking efforts and consumes a lot of time. In some situations, the PPT presentations cannot be opened and unexpectedly crashes. This phenomenon gives nightmare to the users who depend on it for completion of presentations that are work-related. There are endless reasons for the abrupt behavior shown by PowerPoint application. Some of them include power fluctuation, virus infection, unexpected shutdown of system, operating system crash, etc. File corruption makes the PPT presentation inaccessible and all the data and valuable information stored in a file are lost.

However, there are some steps by which the user can fix and restore their valuable PPT file.

Open presentation in a blank PPT file:

Open a blank PowerPoint presentation and through 'Insert' tab, add the slides from corrupt PPT Presentation.
Use 'Restore previous version' option of Windows Vista and Windows 7:
To reach for this option, navigate the Windows Explorer and right-click the file.
Use Safe Mode

Click Start, click Run and type C: Program Files Microsoft OfficeOffice10Powerpnt.exe" /safe in the Open box
Insert appropriate PPT version.
Try opening Windows in Safe Mode

Click Start, click Shut Down and choose Restart
When the computer restarts press 'F' function key to restart it in a Safe Mode.
Open PowerPoint presentation
These techniques are likely to work, if you didn't find any luck, you might want to think about a third-party recovery tool.

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